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Wireless motion detector, Zigbee®


The wireless motion detector can be used to control other switching contacts. For example, when motion is detected, you can control the contact of another connectable switch, dimmer or motor control.

Since the motion detector is powered by a button battery and is supplied with a self-adhesive mounting plate, it can be easily attached anywhere.

This motion detector can only be used in combination with the wireless smart hub for Niko Home Control (552-00001). This makes it possible to configure additional functionalities with the Niko Home Control programming software.





Also respect a minimum distance of 2 m between a Zigbee® device (including the smart hub) and another RF transmitter (for example a Wi-Fi device) or devices such as motors, pumps, electronic LED transformers, solar panel inverters, home battery storage ...




Possible cause

Proposed solution

The detector does not pick up movementBattery empty (app error message)Replace the battery

The detector is out of rangeBring the smart hub closer to the detector

The detector is not configured

Press the reset button and reconfigure within 3 minutes

The detector is mounted upside downMount the detector correctly
The red LED does not blink and the detector does not pick up movementThe detector was not configured or was configured for another systemPress the reset button and (re)configure the detector

The motion detector enters awake mode for one second after motion detection.
This value is hardcoded in the motion detector and cannot be changed. When the motion detector is not “awake”, it is in sleep mode to preserve battery life.
If the detector is in sleep mode, you may receive a notification 'Cannot be reached' on the diagnostics page of the Niko Home Control programming software.

Technical data

Dimensions in mm

System overview

Detection area


Article number552-80401
Power supplyBattery: CR2450
Mounting methodWall mounting
Mounting height250 - 280 cm
Weight69 g
Ambient temperature0 – 40 °C
Dimensions (HxWxD)51 x 51 x 34 mm
Protection degreeIP20
Modification of settingsNiko Home Control programming software
Maximum range open field (from detector to smart hub)30 m
Maximum range indoor (from detector to smart hub)10 m
Communication protocolZigbee® 3.0
Operating frequency2.4 GHz
Maximum frequency power7 dBm / 5 mW
MarkingCE, WEEE
Battery lifespan

Approximately 2 years at 10 actuations/day
(in case the battery is 'new' or fully charged when the motion detector is first used)

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