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Wi-Fi network setup (230 V)

Wi-Fi signal

Digital black is an IP device and communicates with your Niko Home Control installation via Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz bgn (HT20), WPA2-PSK Personal. Make sure your Wi-Fi router supports this version.

For more information about Wi-Fi standard IEEE802.11, see

Provide a Wi-Fi network with good signal strength at the location of your Digital black. Otherwise, your Digital black is not able to control your Niko Home Control actions and routines properly.

Niko recommends preparing sufficient cabled network resources to connect a Wi-Fi access point nearby. Preferably minimum one Wi-Fi access point at each floor.

Wi-Fi signal strength

To check the Wi-Fi signal strength of your wireless home network do one of the following:


> -50 dBm


-50 to -60 dBm


-60 to -70 dBm


< -70 dBm

Wi-Fi signal range

The operation of devices with a remote control, such as a TV or video and audio devices, is not disrupted by the Digital black, 230 V. The range of the Digital black depends on the materials used in the residence.

Password or SSID name change

If you change the password or SSID name of your Wi-Fi network you have to onboard the Digital black again.

If you re-named your SSID by mistake but did not change the Wi-Fi password, you can change back the original name and the Digital black will automatically reconnect.

Minimum network setup for bus wiring

Minimum network setup for traditional wiring

UTP setupWi-Fi setup

Wi-Fi router and repeater compatibility

Note: Certain internet routers or Wi-Fi access points may become incompatible after a software maintenance or update.

This is usually caused by additional features that were (re-)enabled.
Verify your router or access point’s (advanced) settings to deactivate these features on the local network connected to your Digital black. For more detailed information on Wifi setttings see the page: Wi-Fi troubleshooting and recommendations (230 V)


When onboarding the Digital black, check if any Wi-Fi repeaters or amplifiers are present in the installation. If so, disconnect them.
Place the Digital black within direct range of your internet router or connected Wi-Fi access point to restart the onboarding process.
Once the onboarding has been successfully completed, the Wi-Fi repeaters or amplifiers and the Digital black can be reinstated to their initial location.
The Digital black will continue to work properly.

Configuration example

In the case of signal strength problems, you can extend your network with additional routers configured as access points (AP).

All Niko Home Control IP devices must be in the same IP subnet (e.g. to guarantee communication.

3th floor,...

2nd floor
1st floor

Connecting the Digital black to your Wi-Fi network

You can watch the tutorial here:

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