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SIP access control interface for analogue external video units



The SIP access control interface (550-00511) is a module used to connect a Niko Home Control installation on bus wiring to Niko analogue external video units. It enables you to receive calls from your analogue external video units on your touchscreen (550-2010X).
This interface module is intended for large residential buildings, such as apartments. Note that one connected controller (550-00003) and one interface should be present per Niko Home Control installation. 

The interface module allows you to: 

  • answer a call initiated from a Niko analogue external video unit via the Niko Home Control touchscreen or via your smart device using the Niko Home app 

  • unlock the door connected to the Niko external video unit 

  • (de)activate the ring-and-come-in functionality

  1. connection terminals a, b, P, M, V1 and V2 

    • a and b clamps: communication bus – access control 

    • P and M clamps: DC voltage power supply of 24 Vdc (min. 16 Vdc, max. 28 Vdc)

    • V1 and V2 inputs: connection for the analogue video signal (coming from an analogue external video unit)

  2. J1 (jumper): located at the top centre of the interface and used to activate the video terminal resistor (at the end of the line)

  3. LAN port: used to connect the access control interface to the LAN port of the connected controller with a CAT. 5E connector 

  4. Red LED: error indication bus – access control 

  5. Yellow LED: network error indication 

  6. Green LED: indication of operational readiness 


The access control interface allows you to connect a Niko Home Control installation to Niko analogue external video units in large residential buildings (e.g. apartments).  
Video calls coming from the external video unit are transferred to the access control interface. The interface then places a SIP call to the Niko Home Control installation, which is shown on the resident’s touchscreen. 

The resident can use the interface to perform the following actions: 

  • see who is at the door 

  • communicate with visitors 

  • allow visitors to enter if a door lock is coupled to the Niko Home Control installation 

  • switch on any outdoor lights that are connected 

  • open the door remotely without having to answer the call

  • reject the incoming call remotely

Note that the resident can choose from multiple ringtones via the touchscreen or programming software. 


Wiring diagram


Programming the SIP access control gateway

You need the following to configure the access control interface for analogue external video units: 

  • a Windows PC 

  • the Niko access control PC interface for programming and configuration (10-855) and a personal activation code 

  • the Niko configuration software for access control (10-854)

You can program the serial number of the access control interface via the call button under the external video unit. 
Use the Niko Home Control programming software (550-99102 for Windows and 550-99102 for Mac) to connect the interface to your Niko Home Control bus installation.
For more information, see the programming software.

LED behaviour

Green LED continuously ON 

The start-up procedure was performed correctly.


Yellow LED blinking 

There is a communication error with the connected controller. 

Check the network cable (LAN) and verify if the cable is connected to port 1, 2 or 3 on the connected controller.

Red LED blinking 

The access control system is experiencing an error.

Check the a and b clamps, as well as the P and M clamps.

Technical data

  • Can be connected to the connected controller via an RJ45 connector, CAT. 5E 

  • Power consumption at rest: I(a) = 0.1 mA, I(P) = 200 mA 

  • Supports LED visual status and error indication 

  • Max. power consumption: I(Pmax) = 250 mA 

  • Ambient temperature: 0 ° – 40 °C 

  • Operating voltage: min. 15 Vdc – max. 28 Vdc 

  • Protection degree: IP20 

  • DIN Dimension: 6U 

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 90 x 104 x 75 mm 

  • Housing: plastic 

  • Marking: CE  

For technical support and guidance, please contact Niko customer services.  
Also see the expert service ACE-03001 on (for Belgium only).  

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