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Manual use of the smart plug

In an installation without a wireless smart hub (552-00001) you can use the smart plug to switch the plugged-in device on and off by pressing the button on the smart plug.

Connect the power supply to the installation.

Behaviour of the smart plug

Press the button on the smart plug to switch the smart plug on or off.

  • The LED function on the smart plug can not be disabled, if you want to be able to disable the LED we recommend using the connected switching socket outlet.

  • Please be careful if the smart plug is connected to devices that should not be turned off (e.g. fridge or freezer). If you want to use the smart plug in combination with devices that are not allowed to be turned off we recommend using the connected switching socket outlet.

  • When you press the button for more than 10 s, the smart plug resets and goes into connecting mode (LED blinks alternately orange and green). This process cannot be interrupted by the user.

LED Behaviour

The LED is off when the smart plug is not connected to your Niko Home Control installation.

Energy consumption measurement

After powering, the smart plug starts accumulating energy consumption data of the plugged-in device. You can consult this consumption data once the smart plug is connected to a Niko Home Control installation. More information see connected use.

Protection mechanism

The smart plug has a standard built-in overcurrent protection.

The smart plug automatically switches off and the LED colors red when a malfunctioning plugged-in device causes an overcurrent above 16 A for more than 10 s.

Always remove the malfunctioning plugged-in device before re-activating the smart plug. To re-activate the smart plug press the button once.

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