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LED behaviour on the connected double switch, Zigbee®, Swiss line

LED off

Normal operation when:

  • The connected switch is used with Niko Home Control or in stand-alone mode with the feedback LED disabled
  • The feedback LED is enabled and the lamp is switched OFF
  • The feedback LED is inverted and the lamp is switched ON
  • The feedback LED is configured Always OFF
  • In stand-alone mode
  • In connected mode via the Niko Home Control programming software
    • When creating a new Zigbee® device via the programming software or the Niko Home app, you will have to indicate if you want to enable or disable the feedback LED
    • In Basic actions, the feedback LED of a Zigbee® variant can be set to:
      • Normal (ON when the device is active)
      • Inverted (OFF when the device is active)
      • Always ON
      • Always OFF
    • With routines, the feedback LED can only be set to Normal (ON when the device is active) or Inverted (OFF when the device is active). By default, it is configured to Normal
    • If you have created a Zigbee® device with the LED set on disabled and you would like to use the feedback LED, delete the device in your Niko Home Control installation and recreate it as a device with the feedback LED set on enabled

The connected switch is not powered

Check the wiring and the miniature circuit breaker (MCB) in the electrical cabinet

The connected switch is malfunctioning

  • If a red LED is blinking, there is a wireless connection problem between the connected switch and the smart hub
  • If no red LED is blinking, recheck the configuration or switch off the smart hub. The red LED should start blinking and the device should work in stand-alone mode. Check if you can hear the switching of the built-in relay when using the connected switch. Replace the connected switch if the device doesn't work in stand-alone mode
White LED continuously on

Normal operation when the connected double switch is:

  • Switched on and is used with feedback LED
  • Switched off and is used with inverted feedback LED
  • The connected switch is working fine
  • You can only change the state of the feedback LED to Inverted by using the Zigbee® device in a basic action. Configuring an inverted feedback LED is not possible in routines
Red LED is flashing

The RF connection to the smart hub is temporarily interrupted or (parts of) the Niko Home Control installation was/were recently power cycled

  • The connection will restore automatically. If it doesn't, try to power cycle your smart hub and check if the connected switch is still within range of the smart hub
  • If the red LED is blinking because (parts of) your Niko Home Control installation was/were power cycled, you can stop the feedback LED from blinking red by using the Zigbee® device locally via the push button or via the Home app. Note: This does not work if the RF connection with the smart hub is interrupted
Blue LEDs are flashing

  • The connected double switch is trying to connect to the Zigbee® network.
  • If the identify function of the Zigbee® device is activated via the diagnostics page in the programming software, the blue LED will start flashing once the Zigbee® control is active
Wait until the LEDs stop flashing. This can take up to 5 minutes
Blue LEDs on for 4 seconds

The connected double switch is connected to the Zigbee® networkThe blue LEDs will switch OFF after 4 seconds. The connected switch is ready to be used in the Niko Home Control network
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