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Installing the USB RF interface

Signal range

The operation of devices with a remote control, such as a TV or video and audio devices, is not disrupted by a USB RF interface. The indoor range is ± 30 m. In open spaces, the range reaches 100 m. The range of the  USB RF interface depends on the materials used in the residence.

A diagnostic device (05-370) can be used to determine the wireless signal strength in an environment. The appliance recognizes all 868.3Mhz signals. The nine LEDs on the device will indicate the quality of the signals received or the strength of any interrupting signals.


Switch off the mains.

  1. Plug the extension cable into a free USB port of the connected controller.

  2. Mount the assembly ring into the electrical cabinet.

  3. Plug the USB stick into the extension cable.


Download the Niko Home Control programming software:

  1. In the Niko Home Control programming software open your project.
  2. Click the Fill Cabinet menu.
  3. Click on the button Modules to add the USB RF interface to your cabinet.
  4. Click on the button Upload to upload the project to the installation.
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