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Installing the push button

The push button features an easy click-on mechanism for wall-mounted bus wiring controls.
The following articles are required to install a single push button:

  • a flush-mounting box (A)
  • a simple wall-mounted printed circuit board (550-14110 or 550-141x6) or a multiple wall-mounted printed circuit board (550-14106 or 550-140xx) (B)
  • a push button (C)
  • faceplate (D)
  • If you install a multiple wall-mounted circuit board, you also need a connection unit (550-14090).
  • You can use a single flush-mounting box to install multiple push buttons (up to three horizontally or vertically) in one location.
  • The wall-mounted printed circuit boards are available with claw and screw fixing. 

Mount the push button by pressing the connection unit onto a Niko Home Control wall-mounted printed circuit board until it clicks into place.
It will automatically connect to the Niko Home Control bus through two contact springs.
Mind the orientation of the push button: the spring contacts should be located at the bottom.
In closing, mount the faceplate (D) on the printed circuit board via the SnapFit mechanism.

A. Single flush-mounting box (not a Niko product)

B. Single wall-mounted printed circuit board

C. Push-button

D. Faceplace

Installation diagram for single wall-mounted printed circuit board

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