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Installing the connected socket outlet

Signal range

The operation of devices with a remote control, such as a TV or video and audio devices, is not disrupted by a Zigbee® connected socket outlet. The indoor range is ± 10 m. In open spaces, the range reaches 30 m. The range of the  Zigbee® connected socket outlet depends on the materials used in the residence.

  • Also respect a minimum distance of 2 m between a Zigbee® device (including the smart hub) and another RF transmitter (for example a Wi-Fi device) or devices such as motors, pumps, electronic LED transformers, solar panel inverters, home battery storage ...
  • More information see Zigbee® network principle.


Switch off the mains.

Manual useConnected use


Switch off the mains.

Pin earthingSide earthingAction

Insert only 1 electrical wire per terminal (i.e. max 2 wires per pole contact).

Apply a wire stripping length of 10 - 12 mm.

Mount the connected socket outlet in a vertical wall respecting to the up-marking

  • Claws can be removed with a screwdriver without removing the screws.
  • The connected socket outlet only switches the L-wire towards its pole contact. The N-wire will not be switched.
  • Use the paint protection cap 170-00099 if you are painting the wall where the connected socket outlet is installed.
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