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Guarantee provisions

  • The period of guarantee is four years from the date of delivery. The delivery date is the invoice date of purchase of the product by the consumer. If there is no invoice, the date of production applies.
  • The consumer is obliged to inform Niko in writing about the non-conformity within two months of noticing the defect.
  • In case of a non-conformity, the consumer only has the right to a product repair or replacement free of charge, which shall be decided by Niko.
  • Niko shall not be held liable for a defect or damage resulting from incorrect installation, improper or careless use, incorrect operation, transformation of the product, maintenance that does not adhere to the maintenance instructions or an external cause, such as damage due to moisture or overvoltage.
  • The compulsory regulations of the national legislation concerning the sale of consumer goods and the protection of the consumer in the countries where Niko sells, directly or via sister companies, subsidiaries, chain stores, distributors, agents or permanent sales representatives, take priority over the above-mentioned rules and regulations.
  • Certain Niko Home Control products and software are subject to licence terms and third-party copyright notices, which must be accepted by you first and can be found on

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