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DALI-2 broadcast module, 2 channels


The DALI-2 2-channel broadcast interface module drives two DALI bus channels concurrently. The two channels are exposed as dimmable light sources in Niko Home Control without the need for any additional configuration or use of DALI programming software. All DALI endpoints will simultaneously react to a Niko Home Control command, meaning that up to 64 endpoints per channel will act as a single dimmable light circuit. The module comes with a built-in power supply, so there is no need to use a dedicated DALI power supply for the DALI bus.




Technical data





Article number


Input voltage230 Vac (± 10%), 50 Hz
Wire capacity2 x 1.5 mm² / 2 x 2.5 mm² / 1 x 4 mm²
Mounting methodDIN rail
Maximum power consumption11 W
Power consumption (standby)1.9 W
Power supplybuilt-in DALI power supply
DALI protocolEN62386
Supported DALI deviceDALI control gear DT0 to DT7
DALI transmission rate1200 bit/s
DALI output voltage12 - 20.5 V
Maximum number of DALI outputs per channel64
Maximum output current per channel250 mA
Maximum guaranteed current per channel175 mA
Dimmingabsolute and relative
Protectionshort-circuit, surge voltage, overload
DALI short circuitretry mechanism
ConfigurationNiko Home Control programming software
ControlNiko Home Control II app / Niko Home app
System compatibilityNiko Home Control II
Weight137 g
Ambient temperature0 - 45 °C
Dimensions (HxWxD) (mechanism)90 x 70 x 67 mm (DIN U4)
Protection degreeIP20

Supported DALI control gear

The table below shows the supported DALI control gear in Niko Home Control II.

PartType of control gearDevice type number
201Fluorescent, lamp control gearDevice Type 0 (DT0)
202Self-contained emergency, control gearDevice Type 1 (DT1)
203Discharge HID, lamp control gearDevice Type 2 (DT2)
204Low-voltage halogen, lamp control gearDevice Type 3 (DT3)
205Incandescent lamp, dimmerDevice Type 4 (DT4)
206Conversion to DC voltage (1 - 10 V, 0 - 10 V converter)Device Type 5 (DT5)
207LED lamp, control gearDevice Type 6 (DT6)
208Switching, relay control gearDevice Type 7 (DT7)

Device type 8 (colour control gear) is not yet supported in Niko Home Control II.

Supported DALI control devices

DALI control devices are not supported in Niko Home Control II.

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