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You can adjust the operating mode of the following push buttons:

  • generic push buttons with or without LED
  • push-button interface used as 4-fold control
  • wireless push buttons

You connect a push-button interface to an external (waterproof) push button to connect this to the bus. You can programme the interface in different ways: dim, roller shutter, ventilation or 4-fold control.

  1. Click on the push button.
    Result: The pane with the player information appears.

  2. Click on Operating mode
    Result: The Set operating mode menu appears.

  3. Adjust the operating mode as follows:

    • Choose Press briefly to activate the action by briefly pressing the push button.
    • Choose Press and hold to activate the action by holding down the push button. Set the Press and hold duration (minimum 1 sec. - maximum 59 sec.).
    • Select Push button mode to activate the action for as long as you keep the push button pressed.

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