A player is an input or output, in other words all switches, control elements and equipment in your Niko Home Control installation. You place players in the rooms on the drawing area and then link actions to them. Each player has its specific parameters.


Players are divided into different categories.
The table below shows the categories and some examples.

CategoryExample player
controlssingle push button
specific controlsdouble dimming control
controls with displayeco-display
detectors indoor motion detector
on/off outputsswitched lighting circuit
variable outputs dimmable lighting circuit 
open/close outputsroller shutter
heating/cooling outputscircuit pump
access controlexternal video unit


Each player has its specific parameters.

The table below shows some examples of players with their corresponding parameters.

generic inputset operating mode
dimmable lighting circuitwork with or without a dimmer memory
roller shutterset runtime
ventilation system set boost time
analogue output 0-10 V used for ventilationoutput voltages for low, medium and high speed
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