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Working with the Notifications button

The touchscreen provides information and gives alerts

The touchscreen lights up whenever a pre-programmed push message goes off. This notification remains visible until you have marked it as read. When the touchscreen is in sleep mode an unread push message will appear in the foreground the moment you touch the screen.

Pre-programmed informative messages from the system do not appear as a pop-up.

Feedback LED

All types of touchscreens have the same functionality. The touchscreen (ref.550-20102) is the only one with a feedback LED.

Is the feedback LED …

then …


you have missed a call on the external video unit.


Access control with ring and come in is activated.


you have an unread push alert.

If you have both unread push messages and missed calls and Access control with ring and come in is activated, then the red LED is given priority over the blue LED, which in turn is given priority over the white LED.

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