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Viessmann - Wired connection - Multi-zone heating/cooling

What do you need?

In short

Extra information


Specific electrical wiring is required.

Your Niko Home Control installation meets the following requirements:

  • It has a connected controller II.

  • It is configured with the most recent programming software (version 2.17 or higher).

You need the following if you want to use the Niko Home control multi-zone thermostat control:

  • a digital potential-free sensor module for Niko Home Control (550-00210) with at least one free input

  • an extra 230V/potential-free contact module (e.g. Finder for Viessmann one-base installations

  • a heating or cooling module for Niko Home Control (550-00150) (per four zones, an extra module is needed)

  • one thermostat per zone:

    • a Digital black, 24 V (550-1800X)

    • a push button with LED(s) and comfort sensors

Logo Viessmann

Your partner system meets the following requirements:

  • It is a Viessmann heat pump system that supports:

    • heating only

    • heating/cooling

  • It has a buffer tank

A contact on the heat pump indicates whether the heating/cooling mode is active.

Wiring diagram for multi-zone heating/cooling

The table below shows how you can use Niko Home Control with your Viessmann system and enable Niko routines.

Niko Home Control set-up

Wiring diagram

Enable a Niko routine with a partner

Multi-zone heating/cooling –
The heating/cooling mode switchover is initiated by the partner system
(pump control not needed)

Vitocal with W01C:

Wiring diagram Viessmann

Vitocal with One Base:

Wiring diagram Viessmann

A contact on the heat pump provides the signal to the Niko Home Control installation to switch from heating to cooling mode and vice versa.

When using Viessmann Vitocal with W01C-control:

  • Connect connector contact 211.5 (sensor input) to an input of the NHC Digital potential-free sensor module

When using Viessmann Vitocal with One Base:

  • Connect connector contact 171.8 (230V L-wire) and connector contact 171.6 (230V N-wire) via an external 230V to potential free relais to an input of the NHC Digital potential-free sensor module

Multi-zone heating/cooling with zone valves can only be performed if the following conditions are met:

  • The heat pump has a buffer tank connected in parallel, as well as an additional bypass circuit.

  • The heat pump only takes into account the weather-dependent control, clock program (or manual) and flow temperature T0.

  • The heat pump decides between heating or cooling, depending on the weather. The Niko Home Control thermostats must be forced/blocked in the relevant mode via the Niko Home Control digital input module connected to output PK2.

    • Input closed = cooling

    • Input open = heating

To view HVAC programming examples, please see Niko Home Control programming examples.

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