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Operating the Access button

Press the  Access button 


The access screen appears and displays the call history. The last 20 calls from each external video unit are displayed in chronological order. The most recent call will be shown at the top of the list.

The figure in the grey dot beside the Access button

 displays the number of missed calls.

The grey dot in the list of calls 

shows that you have not yet viewed a recording. Press on the recording to view it.

Press on a recording to view the underlying screen. A recording lasts 20 seconds and starts 10 seconds before the visitor rings the bell. You can pause recordings, set the sound level and navigate to the previous or next recording.

Press on the cross displayed top right to close a recording and return to the list of calls, without deleting the call.

20 calls can be saved on each external video unit. When a visitor calls at an external video unit, the oldest call in the list of 20 calls will be automatically deleted.

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