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Jaga and Niko Home Control

What can you do with Jaga and Niko Home Control?

By using Niko Home Control with your Jaga system, you can do the following:

Strada Hybrid,

Clima Canal

and Briza

in combination
with a
heat pump

Multi zone control

Check and control the fan speed (e.g. low, mid, high)

Check and control the fan mode (auto, boost, guests)

Check the current room temperature

Check and control the requested room temperature

Choose the program mode (e.g. off, heat, cool, fan)


These functions can also be combined in routines/actions to control multiple items simultaneously at the simple press of a button (e.g. turn off the ventilators on your Jaga radiators when pressing the leaving the house button).

The available functionality within Niko Home Control depends upon the specific installation features of the Jaga system.

What do you need?

In short

Extra information


Specific electrical wiring is required.

Your Niko Home Control installation meets the following requirements:

  • It has a connected controller II.

  • It is configured with the most recent programming software.

  • An extra module or modules are installed in the electrical cabinet.

If you only want to check and control the fan you need for each zone an analogue control module 0-10 V for Niko Home Control (550-00240).

In combination with a heat pump you need:

  • a Niko Home Control switching module (550-00103).

  • a Niko Home Control digital potential-free sensor module (550-00210).

  • a Heating or cooling module for Niko Home Control (550-00150).

  • a thermostat:

Your Jaga radiator system is:

  • a Strada Hybrid or Clima Canal equipped with a Jaga Dynamic Product Controller.

  • a Briza

How do you connect Niko Home Control and your Jaga system?

The below wiring diagrams show how you can connect your Jaga system to your Niko Home Control devices.
The functionality is set up via the Niko Home Control programming software. Ask your professional installer for help.

Wiring diagrams for Briza 12

Power supply located in 

Control of cold/hot water supply to the ventilo via



Briza 12

a zone valve at the collector for cold/hot water

a valve at the ventilo collector

electrical cabinet

a zone valve at the collector for cold/hot water

a valve at the ventilo collector

For a programming example, please see Niko Home Control programming examples

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