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Danfoss Icon and Niko Home Control

Pairing, onboarding and addressing

You have to link (pair) your Danfoss IconTM Zigbee® module and your wireless smart hub. You have to add your Danfos Icon thermostat(s) to your Niko Home Control installation. To do this, you can use the Niko Home app (onboarding) or the Niko Home Control programming software (addressing).

What can you do with Niko Home Control?

By using Niko Home Control with your Danfoss Icon system, you can do the following:

  • Check and control the room temperature (ambient and set point temperature)

  • Check and control multiple rooms individually

  • Check and choose the program mode (home, away, vacation or automatic)

  • Check the heating operation mode (cooling, heating)

  • Configure a weekly program per room

The Danfoss Icon functions automatically appear in your Niko Home Control apps and your touchscreens after you activate the link between both systems. These functions can also be combined in routines/actions to control multiple items simultaneously at the simple press of a button (e.g. turn off all the lights and reduce the set point temperature when pressing the leaving home button).

  • Available functionality within Niko Home Control depends upon the specific installation features of the Danfoss Icon system.

  • The Danfoss Icon app is not available when connected to Niko Home Control.

What do you need?

In short

Extra information


No additional electrical wiring is required.

Your Niko Home Control installation meets the following requirements:

  • It has a wireless smart hub.

  • It is configured with the most recent programming software (version 2.12 or higher).

  • It has an active internet connection.

  • It is registered and you have your e-mail address and password on hand.

  • If you want to use the Danfoss Icon functions in combination with Niko Home Control actions, these actions need to be programmed with the Niko Home Control programming software before the link is activated.

If you have not registered your Niko Home Control installation, go to

Your Danfoss Icon system meets the following requirements:

  • It is a wireless or 24 V wired Danfoss Master controller (088U1141-....1148) for hydronic floor heating and multiroom systems.

  • It has a Danfoss Icon Zigbee module (088U1130). The module is mounted close to your Danfoss Icon Master controller. The controller and the module are connected via a cable.

  • For each Danfoss Icon system in your installation, you need a Danfoss Icon Zigbee module.

How do you activate the link between your Niko Home Control and your Danfoss Icon system?

You activate the link between both systems using the Niko Home app or the Niko Home Control programming software.

How do you deactivate the link between your Niko Home Control and your Danfoss Icon system?

To deactivate the link between both systems you have to perform a factory reset on the Danfoss Icon Zigbee module.

After deactivating the link, the following happens:

  • The Danfoss Icon functions disappear from your Niko Home Control apps, your touchscreens and Digital blacks.

  • When used in Niko Home Control actions, the Danfoss Icon functions will not be executed anymore.

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