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Buttons for dimming


Push buttons for dimming are available in single or double versions. The single push button comprises three action buttons, while the double push button has six. With this push but- ton, you can dim one or two light points respectively, or groups of light points, via the Niko Home Control installation. The action buttons on each push button are arranged in groups of three. Each group con- sists of action buttons A, B and C, for which the action is pre-defined.

The action buttons can also be equipped with indication LEDs. The LED lights up or swit- ches off every time you press the action button. During the programming of the installati- on, the installer will determine whether the LED lights up or switches off when you have pressed the action button.


Use of action button A

Briefly press A.

The light will switch on at maximum light intensity, if the installer has not programmed the action button.

Press and hold A.The light intensity level will increase until the button is released or until the maximum light intensity is reached.

Use of action button B

You can adjust and configure the light intensity to your preference with action button B. The light intensity is set to 50% as standard.


Dim to the desired light inten- sity and keep B pressed down for longer than three seconds.

You have now programmed your own preferred settings with this action button.

Briefly press on A.You will activate your own preferred light intensity.

Use of action button C

Briefly press C.The light will be alternately switched off or switched on at the minimum light intensity.

Press and hold C.

The light intensity level will reduce until the button is released or until the minimum light intensity is reached.
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