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Bosch and Niko Home Control

What can you do with Bosch and Niko Home Control?

By using Niko Home Control with your Bosch system, you can do the following:

  1. In combination with Niko Home Control, your Bosch system can be used to perform multi-zone heating and cooling.
    Connect your Bosch system via API or using the Niko Home Control multi-zone heating or cooling module (550-00150) and push buttons with LED(s) and comfort sensors.
    Multiple functions are available depending on whether your Niko Home Control installation contains a smart hub or a connected controller.

  2. In addition, you can perform energy routines with Niko Home Control: solar mode and peak mode.
    You can enable these functions by connecting your Bosch system via API or SG-ready contacts
Multi-zone heating coolingWith the smart hub (552-00001)With the connected controller (550-00003)
Using the Bosch multi-zone solutionNot available
  • Perform single and multi-zone control
  • Check and set the room temperature
  • Choose the heating program mode (e.g., home, away, vacation)
  • Check and set a weekly program
Using the Niko Home Control multi-zone heating or cooling module (550-00150) and push buttons with LED(s) and comfort sensors
Energy savings automationWith the smart hub (552-00001)With the connected controller (550-00003)
Using SG-ready contacts
  • Solar mode
  • Peak mode
  • Solar mode
  • Peak mode


How do you activate the link between your Niko Home Control and your Bosch system?

You can (de)activate the link between Niko Home Control and your Bosch system via the Niko Home Control programming software.
Note that any basic actions and routines linked to your Bosch system are also updated via the programming software.
You will find the requirements and detailed instructions in the software manual.

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