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Using the control tab

1. Select the control tab. The control menu will open. You will see an overview of all locations which the installer has configured in the programming software. The number of locations per screen is limited to eight. If more than eight locations are configured, then you can go to the next screen with the right arrow. With the left arrow, you can go back to the previous screen.

2. Select the location from where you would like to consult the available actions. The installer has configured the various action types and their names in the programming software. Depending on the settings, the following screen might appear, for example. To the left of the screen you can see the location which you have selected. Six actions are shown per screen. If more actions are available, you can scroll through the various actions using an upwards or downwards motion over the list.  

3. Select the action that you wish to control. The various actions are further explained in the section "Controlling the actions". 

4. Select control at the bottom of the menu bar or press on the cross to the right of the screen to go back to the overview of the locations.

In the menu bar, select the tab of the menu where you would like to go. Via home at the bottom left, you will go back to the start screen.

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