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Mood control

With the mood control, you can choose from the different moods which the installer has configured in advance during the fitting and programming of the installation. The software includes 20 symbols of which a maximum of eight per mood control can be selected. The installer will link one or more actions to these eight symbols in order to create the desired mood. A mood will be suggested with a symbol and can be a combination of several settings for lighting, roll-down shutters, sun blinds, etc.

Activating a mood setting

1. Touch one of the buttons to light up the display. When not in use, the display is dimmed to reduce energy consumption. Depending on the configured moods and the chosen symbols, the following screen will appear.

2. Scroll through the pre-programmed mood settings with the top or bottom button until the symbol for the desired mood appears.

3. Press the middle button to confirm your choice. The symbol will turn an amber colour. It will remain amber-coloured for as long as the mood setting is activated.

Viewing date and time

The date and time of the Niko Home Control installation are centrally controlled.

You can modify this data in the user software. You can view the date and time as follows:

1. Touch one of the buttons to light up the display, if necessary.  

2. Keep the middle button pressed down until the settings menu is opened The following screen will appear; Remark: The installer will select the language during the programming of the installati- on. You cannot adjust this setting here.

3. Check whether DATE is selected and press the middle button to confirm your choice. You will now see the following screen with time, day, month and year.

4. Press on the top button to select back, and confirm your choice with the middle but- ton. You will go back to the settings menu.

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