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Controlling the actions

Mood control


to activate the mood. This symbol will change to 

You can't switch off the activated mood by pressing

 . This will only work if you activate another mood in the same area.

Starting/stopping an action

The largest symbol shows the status of this action:

• If 

is the largest symbol, the action is switched off.


to start the action. The symbol will become smaller, while 
will move to the right and become larger.

• If 

  is the largest symbol, the action is switched on.


 to stop the action. The symbol will become smaller, while 
will move to the left and become larger.

Dimmer control

1. The symbol shows the status of this lamp. Press the name of the dimming action to switch the dimmed circuit on or off. If the dimmed circuit is switched on when you press here, then you will switch the circuit off. Switch the circuit on again, and the dimmer will revert to the programmed light intensity it was at before it was switched off.

2. Press t

o make the + and - buttons appear:

3. Press the + or - button to respectively increase or lower the light intensity (by 10 %). If you adjust the light intensity with the (single or double) dimming control, the dimming percentage will change by 1 %. This will appear on the touchscreen.

Ventilation control

1. Press 

to control the ventilation.

The + and - buttons will appear:

2. Modify the speed with the + and - buttons.

The possible speeds of the ventilation regulation are:

Roll-down shutter control

1. Press 

 to control the roll-down shutter.

The arrow buttons will appear:

2. Press the up or down arrow buttons to respectively open or close the roll-down shutters. If the roll-down shutters are open, only the down arrow button appears. If the roll-down shutter is closed, you will only see the up arrow button.

3. Press the pause symbol to make the roll-down shutter stop in the desired position:

Awning control

You can control the awning in the same way as for the roll-down shutter.

The symbol indicates that it is the awning which is being controlled.


You cannot adjust the programming of the thermostat on the touchscreen. You need to do this on the thermostat itself. The current temperature is shown in the temperature symbol. Immediately to the right, the desired temperature will appear:

To the far right of this action, in the same action tab, there is a menu. Press the down arrow to open this menu:

In this menu, you can choose between the various pre-programmed programmes and temperature levels. Select the desired programme.

Press the up arrow to close this menu.

To modify the current temperature for a certain length of time:

1. Press 

to adjust the desired temperature.

The + and - buttons will appear:

De + en - toetsen verschijnen:

2. Press the + or - button to respectively increase or lower the temperature (by 0.5 °C).

The adjusted temperature will stay active for a maximum of 24 hours. The initially configured programme will be tempora- rily deactivated, which is indicated by a diagonal stripe through the symbol for this programme.

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