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Solar mode

What is Solar mode?

With the routine Solar mode, you can make optimum use of the electrical energy produced by your solar panels.
If you are not at home, Niko Home Control will activate your devices automatically when sufficient solar energy is available. 
This way, you will use less energy from the grid.

You can only create one solar mode per Niko Home Control installation.

You can turn the solar mode on and off in the Niko Home app or on the digital black.


Starting point

  • You have a Niko Home Control installation with devices that you can use in the routine Solar mode (*).

  • You are in the Create overview window.


  1. In the right-hand button bar, click on the Routine button.
    The Routine pane appears.
  2. Choose the room as follows:
    • Choose Room from the drop-down list.
    • Click on the room on the drawing area or select the room from the drop-down list.
  3. Click on the arrow next to the category Energy management.
  4. Click on Solar mode.
  5. Give the routine a name.

  6. Set behaviour A as follows:

    1. Choose the devices to be activated in solar mode.

    2. Set per device the excessive solar energy desired to activate the device (1 Watt - 100000 Watt). The amount of excess solar energy is present for at least 10 min. before the device is activated.
    3. Set how long each device should be minimally activated for when the device is started by the solar mode in Duration (1 sec. - 23 hours 59 min. 59 sec).
      When this minimum duration has expired and there is still injection of solar energy into the grid the device remains ON, when there is no injection the device is turned OFF.

    4. (optional) Set Enable Latest Start Time to True and set a Latest activation time to turn on the device at the time set even if there is no excess solar energy.

Example: You set 300 Watt for Device 1 and 500 Watt for Device 2. 

  • Situation A: When Device 1 and Device 2 are 'OFF' and there is a 300 Watt excess solar energy for at least 10 min, Device 1 is switched 'ON'. Device 1 consumes the excess from this moment on. When there is now an 500 Watt excess of solar energy for at least 10 min Device 2 is also switched 'ON'.
  • Situation B: Devices 1 and 2 have been switched 'ON' by the Solar mode (situation A).
    The solar intensity drops, so there is no more injection into the grid.
    Both devices will operate until the set minimum time has elapsed.

    Suppose that the set time for Device 1 elapses, Device 1 is switched 'OFF'.
    The set time for Device 2 has not elapsed yet, so Device 2 remains switched 'ON'.
    The intensity of the sun now increases again, so > 300 Watt is injected into the grid for 10 min.
    Device 1 is switched 'ON' again. This process continues...

You can change the order of the devices in the settings of the routine in the Niko Home app.

(*)You can use the following devices in the routine Solar mode:

traditional wiring

wireless smart hub

bus wiring

connected controller

  • connected double switch, Zigbee®, 2 x 10 A
  • connected socket outlet, Zigbee ®
  • smart plug, Zigbee ®
  • generic ventilation
  • generic heating
  • generic warm water
  • push button with LED(s) and comfort sensors
  • virtual device (flag)
  • analogue output 0-10 V used for ventilation
  • connected double switch, Zigbee®, 2 x 10 A
  • HVAC thermostat
  • generic ventilation
  • generic heating
  • generic warm water
  • other switched device
  • push button with LED(s) and comfort sensors
  • switched socket outlet
  • switched ventilator
  • thermostat
  • ventilation system
  • virtual device (flag)

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