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Project settings

You can change the following settings:

Installation type

Select the hardware on which your installation is built. This choice also determines which controls, devices and routines you can use.

Do not change the installation type. If you do so, the entire project will be erased.

  • The language of the Niko Home Control programming software
  • The language of the installation: on all displays (thermostat, mood control, eco display, Digital black 24 V and 230 V) and on the touchscreen.
Customer information

The data of the end customer.

Name is a mandatory field.
Installer information
  • Your data as an installer
  • Your data as a second installer if you take over the installation.

The installer data are saved.

Name and company are mandatory fields.

Version infoTo add extra information about the project version, e.g. what has been changed compared to the previous version.
Global settings

To adjust the gloabal settings, the computer must be connected to the connected controller or wireless smart hub.

Time zoneThe default setting is Europe/Brussels. You can configure this to synchronise the date and time for your installation over the Internet.
LocationSet to the location of your home in the time zone by default. You can configure this further to make the astronomical clock more accurate.

The default setting is the euro.

The currency is shown in the results of the energy readings.

Date and time

If the connected controller is connected to the Internet, you do not need to set the date and time.

Otherwise, you can set the date and time manually. Installations that are not connected to the Internet will not automatically change to winter/summer time.

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