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Assigning a device to a module

You establish a link between the devices in the drawing area (e.g. switched lighting circuit, roller shutter, digital sensor, etc.) and the corresponding input or output of a module. The order in which you assign devices to a module will depend on how the wiring is done.

Starting point


  1. In the right-hand button bar, click on the button Assign devices.
    The Assign devices pane appears.
  2. Click on the module to which you want to assign devices.
    The Assign devices to (name of the module) pane appears and shows an overview of the assigned devices.
  3. Click on the plus sign of the device concerned to add it to the module.
    In the drawing area the device is marked as assigned and the number of its position in the module is shown.

    Devices are assigned in the order in which you click on them. You can also click on a number in the pane first and assign a device to that position by clicking on the plus sign of that device.

  4. Click the Close button to return to the Fill cabinet overview window.

Use the buttons in the selection bar at the bottom to:

  • display all cabinets
  • display one cabinet
  • display modules.
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