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Adjusting the device settings of a video unit

  • Your installation is configured with the most recent programming software (version 2.15 or higher).
  • You are connected to the installation.

Starting point


  1. Click on the external video unit.
    Result: The pane with the information appears. 
  2. Under Device Settings, move the slider of the setting you want to adjust to the left or to the right to lower or raise the value.
    The settings apply to the entire device, not to a specific button.
    The new settings are automatically uploaded to the video unit.
    You can adjust the following settings:

    SettingDescriptionExampleDefault value
    button sensitivityTo adjust how hard/soft you have to press the button to trigger a call.Lower the setting when the vibration of the door, being closed near the video unit, triggers a call.90
    speaker volumeTo adjust the volume of the speaker of the video unit (outside).Raise the setting when there is a lot of noise in front of the house, e.g. heavy traffic.110
    ringtone volume

    To adjust the ringtone volume of the video unit (outside) when a call is triggered.

    Lower the setting if your neighbour complains about the sound of the tone.2
    microphone sensitivity

    To adjust the outside microphone to pick up ambient noise. In doing so, you adjust the volume inside.

    Lower the setting when there is heavy traffic on the street.65

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