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Start the Diagnostics page


You want to view the status of the installation or the components, or consult the bus messages.

Starting point

Your computer is connected with the connected controller.

Step 1: Open the Diagnostics page

Note! You must be connected with the connected controller to open the Diagnostics page.
  • In the programming software, click at the top right on Diagnostics page.

The Diagnostics page opens in your browser. The Dashboard is selected automatically.

Step 2: Use the navigation bar

On the left of the Diagnostics page you can see a black vertical navigation bar and on the right an information screen.

When opening the Diagnostics page, you will automatically see the Dashboard screen.

  • To open a different screen, click on the name in the navigation bar.

In the navigation bar, the language of the Diagnostics page can also be modified.

  • Open the drop-down menu below Language and select your language.

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