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Nikobus: connect

Can Niko Home Control be linked to an existing Nikobus installation?

If you wish to expand the existing Nikobus installation, you have several options.

Nikobus products will remain available for extensions of existing Nikobus installations.

If you decide to choose Niko Home Control as an extension of your existing installation, then the two installations can be linked and can communicate through the Nikobus interface (550-00505). So, for example, an "all off" key on the Nikobus installation can also integrate the new Niko Home Control functionalities and vice versa.

Note that programming via PC must be enabled within the Nikobus installation, i.e. PC Link, PC Logic or a feedback module is required. Click here to read the Nikobus software manual.

Feedback is not possible from Nikobus actors to Niko Home Control and vice versa.
No specific Niko Home Control controls can be used to control a Nikobus installation.
There are a maximum of 100 Nikobus controls. A maximum of 100 Niko Home Control buttons can therefore be assigned to Nikobus.
There are a maximum of 100 virtual Nikobus controls. In other words, a maximum of 100 Nikobus buttons can be assigned to one Niko Home Control installation.
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