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List view from software version 1.9 onwards

Click Creation.      

You go to the start screen of the Creation step.

Click on the List view symbol in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

On the left, you see all items listed per location, beginning with the items that are not yet assigned to a location.

Click on the item in this list that you want to adjust. You can also search for the item by name using the search function at the top of the list.  

The detail screen of the item you have selected appears on the right. The plan is automatically centred around the item to provide a clear visual overview.

Click continue.

New with version 1.9 - You now have 2 options under Choose players for this action: 1) Link the players on the plan with a + and break the link with a -. 2) Choose players

Click Select players.

Select the desired input(s) and/or output(s).

By choosing distinct and recognizable names for the inputs and outputs, you can more quickly and conveniently make and/or break links with more than one item.

New with version 1.9 - the Search by keyword... function allows you to quickly retrieve inputs and outputs on the basis of their names.

Click close.

Go through all of the steps to adjust the item.

Click save.

Use your mouse to move the cursor over the text balloon of an action or the information symbol of an input or output in the list in the left-hand section of the screen.

The software displays the linked players or the linked actions, respectively, in a selection list.

Use your mouse to move the cursor over the selection list to select an item for processing.

Move the mouse away from the action or the input/output.

The selection list disappears.

Enter a search term at the upper-left of the screen to search for an item. This can be a complete word, but it can also be a part of the name of an action, an input or an output.

The software immediately begins to search and displays all of the names which contain the text you entered.

Click on the item in the search results that you want to adjust.

Go through all of the steps to adjust the item.

Afterwards, you once again end up in the overview of items per location.

You can click the Only show unused items tick box to display only the empty actions and the inputs and outputs that are not linked to actions. This is handy when resuming work on an incomplete programming project, since you only see the items which have yet to be processed.

Save the project when you are finished.

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