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Introduction, start-up and adjusting the language

The Niko Home Control software is used for programming the Niko Home Control installation.

You use it to program functions such as the dimming of lights or the closing of roll-down shutters.

After that, you couple the switches and the devices to each other.

In the last step, you transfer the programming to the modules in the cabinet.

Double click on the Niko Home Control Program icon on your computer's desktop.

The start screen will appear.

The Niko Home Control programming software is available in English, Dutch, French, Slovak, Polish and German.

To modify the language, click on Info in the upper right-hand corner of the software start screen.

Select another language from the selection list in the right-hand section of the screen.

The language changes immediately.

This is the language in which you, the installer, will work in the software. This setting is independent of the language that the user sees, for example, on the touchscreen and on the display controls.

Click on save, or the equivalent of the chosen language, to save the modified language setting.

You return to the start screen of the Project information.

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