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Turning off the volume of Sonos/Bose speakers when someone is at the door

Use case

Your customer would like to mute the volume of their Sonos/Bose speakers when someone rings at the external video unit. After the call the volume of the speaker is unmuted.


Creating the control and the device
  1. Create an external video unit (VDS1).
  2. Create a Sonos/Bose speaker (LS1).

Creating the routine

Create a routine Access control (ROUT1). Configure the following behaviour:

  • Select a button on the external video unit (VDS1).
  • (optional) Select a chime, a door lock and/or a routine or a basic action.
  • (optional) Select a different ringtone.

Creating the condition

Create a condition (COND1) for muting the speakers when someone is at the door and unmuting when the call has ended. Use the following logic:

  • IF (ROUT1: State = calling pending) or (ROUT1: State = call answered)
  • THEN LS1: Speaker settings = mute
  • ELSE LS1: Speaker settings = unmute

Editing the touchscreen profile

To be able to answer the call with the touchscreen turn on the access control functionality in the touchscreen profile. You can find the touchscreen profile(s) in the Dashboard menu.


Click here to download the programming example (nhc2 file).

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