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Controlling a shutter using a fixed time schedule

Use case

Your customer wants to control a shutter. On weekdays the shutter opens at 7:30 and closes at 22:00. During the weekend the shutter remains closed. At any moment of the day the shutter can be opened or closed manually using a push button.


Creating the control, the device, the basic action and the time schedule
  1. Create a single push button (PB1).
  2. Create a shutter (MOT1).
  3. Create a basic action (BASIC1) to control the shutter with the push button (PB1).
  4. Create a weekly time schedule (TIME1).

Creating the condition

Create a condition (COND1) that uses the time schedule to control the shutter. At 7:30 the shutter opens (TIME1 = true). At 22:00 the shutter closes (TIME1 = false). Use the following logic:

  • IF TIME1: On/off = true
  • THEN MOT1: Motor movement = open, Delay = 0 s
  • ELSE MOT1: Motor movement = closed, Delay = 0 s

Filling the cabinet and addressing the device
Fill the cabinet with ...and address the following device ...
a motor module 4U (MOD1)

shutter MOT1.


Click here to download the programming example (nhc2 file).

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