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Warnings regarding installation

  • The installation should be carried out by a registered installer and in compliance with the statutory regulations.
  • This user manual should be presented to the user. It should be included in the electrical installation file and passed on to any new owners. Additional copies are available on the Niko website or via the Niko support service. The most recent manual of the product is always available on the Niko website.
  • During installation, the following should be taken into account (non-exhaustive list):
    • the statutory laws, standards and regulations.
    • the technology available at the time of installation.
    • this user manual only states general regulations and should therefore be read within the scope of each specific installation.
    • the rules of proper workmanship.
  • When in doubt or for the specific exchange procedure in case of a possible defect, please contact the Niko support service (Belgium: +32 3 778 90 80 – the Netherlands: +31 183 64 06 60) or your wholesaler's. Contact details and more information can be found at under the "Help and Advice" section.
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