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Preparing a touchscreen for use with Niko Home Control II

These instructions describe how to prepare a 550-20101 or 550-20102 touchscreen for use in a Niko Home Control II installation.

Necessary preparation:

  1. You will need an empty FAT32-formatted USB stick
  2. Download the 2 upgrade files “” and “”
  3. Copy the 2 files to the USB stick, do not unzip them (Make sure to use the 'safely remove hardware' option when removing the USB stick from a Windows PC)
  4. Mount your touchscreen(s) and supply them with power

1.      Insert the USB stick into the port on the bottom of the touchscreen

The touchscreen will begin the upgrade automatically.

Follow the instructions on the screen.

2.      The touchscreen will download and install future upgrades automatically.

An active internet connection is required.

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