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Manually create an all-off/all-on routine

When you did not configure the smart hub yet (see Configuration), you can manually program an all-off/all-on routine.
You can start (and stop) this routine with a wireless switch with two buttons (410-00001) or four buttons (410-00002).
You can use this routine to switch on or off all outputs that are connected to the connected single or double switches (551-721x1 or 551-721x2), connected dimmers (551-722x1) and/or connected switching socket outlets (170-33x05).
This manually programmed routine will be erased once you configure the smart hub (see Configuration).

Proceed as follows:

StepActionDurationLED behaviour
1Press the control button on the smart hub.

blue LED flashing

On the wireless switch 410-00001 or 410-00002 press the button you want to use to start/stop the routine.

blue LED on for 4 s

On the connected switch, dimmer or socket outlet you want to control press any button.

blue LED on for 4 s

Repeat step 3 for all the connected devices you want to control in the routine.

blue LED on for 4 s

Press the control button on the smart hub to save your new routine.

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