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The Niko Home Control installation is connected to the Internet via the gateway to ensure that the remote control service can be used. This service allows end-users to safely operate their Niko Home Control installation remotely, using the smartphone or tablet application — available for Android and iOS operating systems — via mobile networks, such as 3G, GPRS or a WiFi hotspot.



The gateway is fitted with an RJ45 port to establish a connection with the IP interface. Use an ethernet cable to connect this port with the Niko Home Control IP interface.

The gateway is powered separately and does not include a sliding contact. This allows you to add the gateway anywhere in the electrical cabinet.

The gateway includes a second RJ45 port, which serves as a WAN port. Use an ethernet cable to connect this port with the local router and to establish a connection with the Internet.


Wiring diagram

Connecting and mounting the gateway

  • Ensure that the RJ45 port is easy to reach.
  • Peferably, use a shielded network cable and keep it separate from 230 V cables to avoid crosstalk. Run the
  • network cable alongside the SELV cables, for instance.
  • Do not connect more than one gateway to the Niko Home Control installation.
  • The end-user must ensure that the WiFi network is secure.

Follow the steps below to mount the gateway:

1    Press the gateway anywhere onto the DIN rail until it clicks into place. Ensure that the gateway is within reach of the IP interface and the local router.

2    Press the green connector (supplied) onto the bottom of the gateway near the L/N connection, until it clicks into place.

3    Connect the L phase wire and the N neutral conductor to the L and N screw terminals respectively.

4    Use the ethernet cable (supplied) to connect the lower RJ45 port with the IP interface of the Niko Home Control installation.

When both ports are connected correctly, the ETHERNET LED on the IP interface will light up.

5    Use a second ethernet cable to connect the upper RJ45 port to an available port on the local router.

6    Remember to give the end-user the information listed on the sticker or to place the sticker in a clearly visible location on the gateway or inside the electrical cabinet. The sticker includes the Mac address and serial number of the gateway. The end-user will need this information to register via

This is a Class A product. In a domestic environment, this product can cause radio interference in which case the end-user may be required to take adequate measures.

Error codes

When the module and the Internet connection are functioning properly, the SERVER LED and GATEWAY LED of that module will light up green.

The table below provides an overview of all error codes.






Lights up orange.

The Internet connection is OK but there is a problem with the communication with the server.

Contact the customer support department.

Blinks orange.

The Internet connection is disrupted.

Verify that the Internet connection is still active or contact the customer support department.


Blinks orange.

No error code. The gateway software is being updated. The Internet connection will be re-established after 20 minutes max.

Contact the customer support department if the GATEWAY LED keeps blinking.

Internet connection specifications

The required specifications are standard settings of a new WiFi router, i.e.:

  • for DNS access: outgoing port 53 open
  • for data traffic: outgoing ports 80, 443 and 22 open
  • for (S)NTP: outgoing port 123 open

Technical data

  • input voltage: 230 Vac ± 10%, 50 Hz
  • maximum power consumption: 0,06 A
  • maximum stand-by consumption: 3,5 W
    • RJ45 port at the bottom of the module for connection to the Niko Home Control IP interface (Ethernet cable included)
  • RJ45 port at the top of the module for connection to the Internet
  • ambient temperature: 0 - 45°C
  • dimensions: DIN 8E
  • CE marked

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