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The eco-display allows residents to monitor the energy and water consumption as well as the amount of energy generated (if applicable) in their home. It can also be used to activate the eco-function or presence simulation function.

Up to 5 eco-displays may be added in one Niko Home Control installation.



Consumption  details

The eco-display shows information on the electricity, gas and water consumption as well as the electricity production in the home. See Electricity measuring modules. The type of information displayed will depend on the types of measuring modules installed. The electricity measuring module measures the electricity consumption or electricity production. The pulse counter communicates the electricity, gas and water consumption.

The current electricity consumption is expressed in W or kW, while gas consumption is expressed in m³. The total energy consumption for that week expressed in EUR, GBP or SEK is displayed underneath.

To view the rates:

1    Touch one of the buttons to light up the display. When not in use, the display is dimmed to reduce energy consumption.

2   Hold down button "C" to view the menu. The following screen will appear:

3    Press button “C” to select RATES. The following screen will appear:

4    Select ELECTRICITY, GAS or WATER and press button "C"

The selected rate will appear. You can modify the rate at this stage.

5    Select back using the navigation keys and press button "C".


The eco-function applies to all the lights and connected circuits that the resident wishes to switch off upon leaving the home. You can determine the outputs that are to be included in this function while programming the installation.

Press the eco-button to activate the eco-function. The reduction in energy consumption will be registered immediately.

Presence  simulation

The presence simulation function allows the resident to have the lights switch on automatically at certain times. This way, it looks as though someone is home. While programming the installation, you can personally determine which lights should be included in the presence simulation as well as when they should switch on and how long they should be left on for.

Press the presence simulation button to activate the presence simulation function.


   Mount the eco-display:

  • away from direct sunlight.
  • near the door most commonly used by the resident to exit the home. 

See Push buttons with display.

Technical data

  • back-lit colour display
  • resting potential: 26 Vdc (SELV, safety extra-low voltage)
  • ambient temperature: 5 – 40 °C
  • dimensions of the display: 45 x 45 x 32 mm (HxWxD)
  • flush-mounting depth: 20 mm
  • weekly energy consumption in EUR or GBP
  • in conformity with IEC 60730-2-9, EN 50491-5-2, EN 50491-2 and EN 50090-2-3

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