What is IFTTT?

Short for “IF This Then That”, IFTTT is a free web-based platform you can use to link smart appliances, apps and even websites to your Niko Home Control installation. In so doing, you can automate all kinds of actions via simple conditional (IF/THEN) statements called “applets”. Either create your own applets or simply link to any of the thousands already available via the IFTTT.com platform. You can use up to 35 different Niko Home Control triggers in your IFTTT applets.

What can you do with Niko Home Control?

By using Niko Home Control with IFTTT you can link and automate anything which is available on IFTTT, anything you can imagine.


  • IF you have an early meeting scheduled in your calendar THEN you can switch on the bathroom heating 1 hour earlier.
  • IF you are almost back home THEN you can activate your “welcome home” mood in Niko Home Control.
  • IF someone rings your doorbell THEN you can turn on your porch light.

What do you need?

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  • No additional electrical wiring is required.
  • You have a computer with a web brower and an internet connection.

Your Niko Home Control installation meets the following requirements:

  • It has a wireless smart hub or a connected controller II.
  • It is configured with the most recent programming software (version 2.6 or higher).
  • It has an active internet connection.
  • It is registered and you have your e-mail address and password on hand.
If you have not registered your Niko Home Control installation, go to mynikohomecontrol.niko.eu.

  • You have your IFTTT login and password on hand.
  • Your other smart appliances, apps and websites are also connected to IFTTT.
If you have not created an account, go to IFTTT.com.

How do you activate the link between your Niko Home Control and an IFTTT applet?

IFTTT is easy to use and you don’t need any programming knowledge to get started.

  1. Check if you have everything you need (see above).

  2. Go to https://ifttt.com/nikohomecontrol and log in with your IFTTT login and password.

  3. Do one of the following:
    1. Browse and activate any of the growing number of Niko Home Control applets on the platform.
    2. Create your own for a truly personalised experience.

  4. Click Connect.

  5. Log in with your e-mail address and password.

  6. Follow the instructions on your screen.

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