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Ändern der aktuellen Temperatur für eine bestimmte Zeitspanne

1. Touch one of the buttons to light up the display, if necessary. The start screen will appear.

2. Press the top or bottom button. The following screen will appear.

3. Press the top or bottom button until you have reached the desired temperature.

4. Press the middle button to confirm the modified temperature. You will automatically go to the bottom line. Here you can select the time slot during which you want this temperature to be maintained. The standard setting is one hour.

5. Press the top or bottom button if you want to extend or shorten the time respectively. You can modify the time in steps of 15 minutes. The maximum adjustable time is 23 hours and 45 minutes.

6. Press the middle button to confirm the selected time. You will automatically go back to the start screen. The clock on the start screen indi- cates that the usual programme has temporarily been adjusted.

After the configured time has elapsed, the thermostat will revert to the programme which was active before the adjustment of the time.

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