Software version and release date

Niko Home Control programming software version 2.0.7 for Mac OS (64 bit). This software is used for programming a new Niko Home Control II installation.

Release date: 20/02/2018

This upgrade is only provided as an automatic upgrade of the programming software at start-up and cannot be downloaded on the Niko website.

System requirements 

When to use

Niko strongly recommends upgrading all Niko Home Control II installations to this version to guarantee the correct functioning of the installation.

Bug fixes

Compared to version 2.0.5:

How to install?

You're installing the software for the first time

Download the software from the Niko website.

Unzip the file, you will receive 3 files:

  1. README.txt: this file contains the installation instructions
  2. NHC-2.0.7218-release.dmg:
    1. The installation of the program will start as soon as you open this file (follow the steps on the screen)
    2. If your PC is connected to the internet, the software will suggest a download of a more recent version, if available. We recommend always using the latest version, since it will contain the latest functionality and bug fixes.
    1. This file is required for the activation of each third generation touchscreen (550-20102). You can recognise this touchscreen by the led in the right upper corner.
    2. Under no circumstances unzip this file!
    3. Copy the zip file to an empty FAT32 formatted USB stick.
    4. Plug the USB stick in the USB port at the bottom of the touchscreen and follow the instructions on the screen.
    5. Later upgrades will be installed automatically. An active internet connection is required.

You have installed a previous 2.x software

  1. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet.
  2. Open the installed programming software on your computer. The software indicates a new version is available. Confirm you want to upgrade.
  3. If the programming software indicates an upgrade is available for the connected controller, please perform this upgrade.
  4. (If you haven't received this notification, it means your computer hasn't connected to your connected controller yet. Close the software and connect your computer to your connected controller. Open the programming software again. You will now see the upgrade for the connected controller and you can perform it.)
  5. The software confirms your installation is up to date.
  6. If you have a touchscreen 550-20102, this touchscreen will also indicate that an upgrade is available. Follow the steps on the screen to download and install the upgrade. You only need an active internet connection (the upgrade no longer requires a USB-stick like with the first upgrade to Niko Home Control II).

Warnings and known issues

Useful information