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With this connected switching socket outlet with built-in consumption measurement, you choose extra comfort, safety and energy awareness. The connected socket outlet can be easily installed in all new construction projects and can also easily replace an existing socket outlet in renovation projects without adapting the wiring.

You connect the connected socket outlet without additional cabling with a wireless switch and the wireless smart hub (552-00001) for Niko Home Control. That way you have full control over your connected socket outlets and can add useful new features such as an all-off or all-on function, automatic calendar functions, remote control, consumption messages and an overview of your energy consumption.




Required parts

A complete connected switching socket outlet consists of the following parts:


  • The connected socket outlet can be switched on/off:
  • The connected socket outlet can be switched on/off in Niko Home Control actions and routines (only in Connected use)
  • The connected socket outlet can measure the energy consumption of a plugged-in device and shows it in the 'Energy' tab in the Niko Home app (only in Connected use).
  • The connected socket outlet can start Niko Home Control actions and routines when reaching a certain energy consumption level and it can generate notifications in the Niko Home app and/or touchscreen. Up to 3 energy consumption threshold levels are supported (only in Connected use).


Technical data

Dimensions in mm






Article numbers

  • base:
    • pin earthing: 170-33505 (claw fixing)
    • pin earthing: 170-33605 (screw fixing)
  • central plate: xxx-66630
Power supply 230 Vac (± 10%), 50 Hz
Communication protocolZigbee® 3.0, 2.4 GHz
Mounting methodFlush mounting in a wall-mounting box (min. depth: 50 mm)
Weight98 g
Ambient temperature 0 - 40 °C
Dimensions (HxWxD) 73 x 71 x 37.6 mm
Protection degreeIP20-D
Modification of settingsConfiguration and control app Niko Home OR Niko Home Control programming software
Maximum range10 m (Mesh networking support for longer range)
Stand-by consumption0.25 W
Switching capacity (*)16 A / 230 Vac
Circuit breaker (**)
  • Wiring 2.5 mm² Maximum MCB rating C20

  • Wiring 1.5 mm² Maximum MCB rating C16

Measuring range (***) 1 - 3680 W
Measuring accuracy (****)
  • ± 0.5 W (1 - 5 W)
  • ± 5 % (5 - 3680 W)
System compatibility
  • Zigbee® 3.0
  • Niko Home Control II
  • Niko Home Control solar mode
Maximum per installation25 connected socket outlets
Maximum frequency power10 dBm
Wire capacity
2 x 2.5 mm²
Wire stripping length10 - 12 mm
Marking CEBEC, CE

(*) Not suitable for heavy loads that have long and cycling operations above 2300W such as electric vehicle charging (in mode 1 or 2), electrical heating devices or heavy inductive loads (e.g. motors). When controlling these loads the temperature protection mechanism can be activated.

(**) To be installed in accordance with the applicable regulations.

(***) Valid for a normal voltage (230 Vac).

(****) This device should not be used for billing purposes. The data recorded by this device should be used for information purposes only.

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