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Touchscreen settings

Press on the menu icon  displayed top right to view or modify settings. The following settings are available:

  • The installation and account to which you are logged in
  • The status of your installation. If there is a problem   with the connection a red dot will be visible.
  • Additional information about your system
  • Sound settings. This is where to adjust the noise volume of a conversation and the ring tone volume of an incoming call
  • Reset

Global settings

End users wishing to modify the settings in the installation should continue as follows:

1. Download the Niko Home Control II programming software here and install the software on your computer.

2. Open the programming software. The programming software connects with your installation.

Caution: the computer and the installation must be connected with the same network.

3. Click on the profile End user.

Your installation opens.

4. You can now do the following:

a. Create, edit and remove touchscreen profiles

b. Create, edit and remove new actions

c. Create, edit and remove time schedules and conditional actions

d. Modify settings

e. …

The detailed manual for this activity can be found on the following: manual Niko Home Control II programming software.

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